About this site

Spital Cemetery, Chesterfield

An eight-acre burial ground with two mortuary chapels opened in 1857 at a cost of £6,000. The grounds were originally laid out under the superintendence of Mr Wm Husband.
The two mortuary chapels, contained under the one roof are today no longer in use.
The cemetery is at present kept in very good condition, although some small sections have been allowed to become very overgrown. Many of the larger monuments are deeply overgrown with Ivy. These monuments have not been disturbed during our recording of the monumental inscriptions, (summer of 2000) as we feel that removing such large amounts of Ivy growth could possibly cause damage to the monuments themselves.
Sadly a large number of headstone, crosses and monuments have over the years been damaged by vandals, many others have been laid down by the cemeteries caretakers as they have become unstable, giving the appearance of vandalism.
The cemetery Lodge still stands at the main entrance to the cemetery, but is today occupied by a family who have no connection with the daily running of the grounds. There is no longer a Sextant or Caretaker present on the site.

Those Monumental Inscriptions visible in the Cemetery during the summer of 2000 were recorded by myself. Since then they have been tucked away on my PC out of sight and out of mind. I would now like to make these transcriptions available to researchers world wide thought this site.

I hope to add photographs of many of the monuments to compliment the Inscriptions in due course.


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