Surnames – Tattersall, Hunt, Eyre, Noble

A36 [Headstone & Kerb Edged Plot ]

In / loving memory of / GEORGE TATTERSALL / died May 20th 1941 / LUCY J TATTERSALL / beloved wife of the above / fell asleep April 12th 1965 / together.

A37 [Small Slab]

In loving memory / of BERT HUNT / the beloved husband of MABLE / HUNT / who died MAY 6th 1909 / aged 28? years / his end was peace.

A38 [Small Slab]

In loving memory / of JOHN / the beloved husband of AMY EYRE / who died March 26th 1906 / aged 39 years.

A39 [Headstone & Kerb Edged Plot ]

In affectionate remembrance / of / ELIZABETH / the beloved wife of / ROBERT NOBLE / who died February 5th 1876 / aged 65 years / also of the above named ROBERT NOBLE / who died September 6th 1882 / aged 73 years / Go home dear children dry your tears / for you we have laboured many years / we always strove to do our best / and now are gone to take our rest. [W. Ellis]


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