Surnames – Evans, Haywood, Nicholls, Eyre, Calow, Edwards

A32 [Headstone]

In / loving memory / of / ALBERT the beloved / husband of ELIZA EVANS / who died April 13th 1905 / aged 56 years / The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away / Though lost to sight to memory dear.

A33 [Headstone & Kerb Edged Plot]

In affectionate remembrance / of / WILLIAM HAYWOOD / who died November 24th 1881 / aged 48 Years / his end was peace / also ELLEN HAYWOOD / widow of the above / died March 9th 1913 / aged 79 years.

A34 [Kerb Edged Plot ]

In memory of / SARAH NICHOLLS / who died May 14th 1881 /aged 76 years / errected by REBECCA EYRE.

A35 [Headstone]

In affectionate remembrance / of / ELIZABETH / the beloved wife of / JAMES CALOW / fell asleep in Jesus Christ / January 12th 1876, aged 49 years / my flesh shall slumber in the ground / until the last joyful trumpet sound / then burst the chains with sweet / surprise/ and in my saviours image rise / tho lost to sight to memory dear / also the above named JAMES CALOW / for many years sexton of this cemetery / who died April 30th 1882 / aged 61 years / Here we suffer grief and pain / Here we meet to part again / in heaven we part no more / Also ELEANOR wife of / GEORGE EDWIN EDWARDS / and granddaughter of the above / died April 27th 1919 aged 50 years. [J T Wright]


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